Web of Things Business Model Canvas

Web Of Things Model Canvas

Back In 2015 I started wondering what the "Internet of Things" would look like in our modern world. Would this new layer of connectivity enhance our daily routines or become a privacy issue, allowing anyone access to the most private areas of our lives. As I continued to think about the concerns to privacy I started to realise that I was giving into fear which in turn was blocking the potential designs. So I came to realise that in order to understand this new digital domain, it is important to start to visualise this space openingly and freely. Continuing to express the ideas that were being explored and debated. 

I had been developing an interface for a "IoT" device and came across so many questions that remain unanswered. To start to see this technology move phase from design into development, I needed to go back to basics and collaborate solutions to find the answers to the questions my intuition had raised.

Coming across the business model canvas before in various guises, I started to wonder if it would be practical to use for the Web of Things space. So I built it and developed a learning environment to collaborate solutions and test new ideas.

The link below is to a PDF version of the Web Of Things Model Canvas  


What I am hoping for is access to research funds so that I can continue my work in this domain. If anyone whats to share information then my email address is patrick.john.mcgee@outlook.com