The Web of Things

The Web of Things

The Web of Things is an emerging technology that describes the interaction between connected devices and the internet. This interaction is defined by pre-existing protocols that are current standard approaches, patterns, or best practices found in online software solutions. An alternative description would be to say that “The Web of Things” is “intelligence in the cloud”. This intelligence will manage the predicted billions of connected devices (according to ABI Research ~ Link:1,2) as the explosion in combining electronics with everyday objects continues to gather pace.

Dominique Guinard and Vlad Trifa are leading the thinking in this field and their co-founded website should be the first point of call. The site is well laid out with an impressive publication list boasting their own PhD thesis’s which are feeling available to download and read.  

Additional the W3C has a Web of Things chapter ( which will define the Open standards and Open ecosystems that will allow this technology to thrive. The W3C emphases the importance of the word “Things” and allude that this area should not be limited in scope to connected devices.

As for this site the reporting will be a combination of my personal thoughts and experiments (past and present) and feeds that I find of interest or feel are important in the development of the Web of Things. Previously I facilitated at the Mozilla Festival in London 2014. The venue of Ravensbourne was so impressive with a separate section for the Web of Things thread.

This year I am going to be exhibiting at the Liverpool Make Fest which I am delighted about so there will be more on that subject shortly.

Get ready for Mozilla Open Badge and the Web of Things @lpoolmakefest with @patjohnmcgee :) Welcome aboard!

— Liverpool MakeFest (@LpoolMakeFest) April 16, 2015