Hot off the press

Let's get it started

As the Black Eyed peas once said: "let's get it started"

Sometimes there is a theory that to develop trust you must first introduce yourself and then you may have an opportunity to talk about the things that inspire and motivate you.

Well since that I own the site its time to be disruptive!

Sure over time I will talk about myself but personally I am more interested in digital so there it is! 

The site at the moment is split into three sections:Web of Things

The Web of Things - This is to curate and compile information about the emerging Web of Things and includes my own Web of Things developments.

Mozilla Open Badges - This is the latest developments with Mozilla Open Badges. Not sure what Open Badges are then stay tuned.

Mozilla Open Badges

Edtech - This is where all my resources for my Computer Science lessons are kept. 

The sections will evolve over time and I will endeavour to write often so you can grab my RSS feed so when I do include content you will be told when, where and what is going on.